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Lynn Marie Simpson

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Quick Bio

Date of Birth: April 27th

Sign: Taurus

Education: Graduated Secondary School, Business Program
Two years Law and Accounting
5 College English Credits

Past: Typesetter 20+ years

Present: 3 Published Paranormal Romance


Writing, Editing, Web Development


Horror, Ghosts, Paranormal, and All Things Supernatural.

Lynn Marie Simpson has always been fascinated by wolves — especially those that open doors.


Lynn Marie's first published novel was "Blood Curse." First published by "Publish America" the rights were reacquired and Blood Curse subsequently republished by Pine Lake Books. Blood Curse is the first in a series of books about the Moarté, followed by Blood Connection and Blood Obsession. Lynn Marie is currently working on Blood Lust and hopes to have it available in the next couple of years.

For those of you who haven't read the Blood Curse series yet, the titles are all available in print and as downloads at our online store.

Lynn Marie Simpson has been busy, dividing her time between a couple of new projects and is happy to announce that "Incubus, Tales of the Annunaki" will be appearing, along with two new tales by Ina Louise Jackson and a short story by B.A. Belliveau, in "All I Want For Christmas", available in time for Christmas 2016.

Blood Curse

Blood Connection

Blood Obsession

All I Want For Christmas

All titles available at the Online Store