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Ina Louise Jackson

Quick Bio

Date of Birth: May 24th

Sign: Gemini

Education: Graduated Secondary School, Arts & Science Program
Graduated Ryerson University, Psychology Degree

Past: Newspaper Journalist and Columnist.

Present: 2 Published Horror Novels
Acrylic Paintings


Writing, Art Forms and Art Media's

Horror Writer

Horror, Ghosts, Paranormal, Hauntings, Possessions and All Things Supernatural.

The 'Queen of Horror', When it comes to writing horror, Ina Louise Jackson is the female equivalent to Stephen King. Her ability to twist a tale keeps you on the edge of your seat. You are dragged into the story in such a way you feel you are actually there, witnessing the events first hand, kicking and screaming along with the other participants.


Jackson has quite a portfolio of illustrations under her belt. Her styles vary from comic book to abstract. Below you will find samples of her different styles. These images and more can be purchased at the online store without watermarks. If you don't see what you are looking for but like her style, simply send us an email letting us know what it is you are looking for and we will send you a sample and a quote for the job.

Include a complete description of what you are looking for. Is it a cover for a book, an illustration for a business card or poster, or the entire contents of a picture book? The more details we have the better we are able to fulfil your needs.
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Sample Illustrations

Baby Face

Cat on Carpet

Sketched Cat


Dark Angel

Skull Jaw

Baby Wolf

Building at Night

Creepy House

Silent Mask

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Published Titles

Ina Louise Jackson is the author of "The Left Side of Wrong" and "The Peep Show." She is currently working on a second Peep Show, and two new stories, "The Christmas Tree Farm" and "Simple Gifts" appear in "All I Want for Christmas," which was released in December 2016 in time for Christmas. "All I Want for Christmas" also includes "Incubus" by author Lynn Marie Simpson and a short story, "Gone!" by B.A. Belliveau.

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Ms Jackson's first comic is not horror based, but it is still aimed toward a more mature audience. While young children may be enticed by the colours, the subtle humour may pass them by.
Thomas is about a talking, former magician's rabbit with a sharp, devilish wit who, through a string of mishaps at Heather's twenty-fifth birthday celebration winds up living permanently with Heather. Heather herself is the last of a long line of gypsy fortune tellers, but unfortunately she has no genuine talent, or even a clue of how to become a fortune teller and fulfill her destiny. This coupled with her inability to take it seriously and a dry off-the-wall sense of humour gives Thomas a playground made to order.
James, Heather's bumbling, naïve sheepdog gives Thomas an open book to prank after prank, while Heather's diverse Persian cat, Peaches, quietly and quickly develops a penchant for Thomas.
Cassie, Heather's best friend and neighbour, happily operated her flower shop until Thomas showed up and gave a new and improved meaning to Murphy's Law.
Cassie's Lhasa-Apso, Nicky, who used to be prissy and quiet prior to Thomas' arrival, suddenly transformed into being hyperactive, mischievous, and cunning which delights Thomas to no end.
Greg, the long time family friend, has always had a little bit of a bent sense of humour; he owns a magic store and he has seen Thomas in action before.
Everyone has always wondered, deep down, if it was Thomas that drove Hector the Magician to the brink of madness, and now they are about to find out.
The cartoons enclosed depict the string of events that lead up to the arrival of Thomas into Heather's life.

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