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David Smith

Quick Bio

Name: David S Smith
Born: April 15 1960
Resides: Eagle Lake, Canada
Career/Past: standardbred horse trainer and driver
Career/Present: author


I come from an old school, middle class, blue collar upbringing. We are a close knit family. I have six fantastic siblings and two wonderful parents.
My parents’ main goal in life was to raise their children to the best of their ability; to be kind and helpful to others, and I like to think they succeeded. They taught us to love, share, work hard, and to be honest.
From an early stage in my life I have had a deep passion for animals of all kinds. I remember catching frogs and snakes from the ravine behind our home, having aquariums with fish, and rodents such as mice, gerbils, and squirrels in my bedroom, and rabbits and dogs in our backyard. Having a dog by my feet while holding a rabbit in my arms as I watched an active bird feeder gave me peace and happiness from an early age.
As my life moved forward and I pursued the love for the animal kingdom, I eventually ended up spending thirty-six years of my life training and racing horses; sometimes up to forty at a time. To me they were a thousand pound puppy. I found them exhilarating, educational, and healthy for my heart and soul. In 1992 I was fortunate and honoured to have driven the world’s fastest standardbred horse by the name of Matts Scooter, and I was also very privileged in 2002 to have trained a Breeders Crown and world champion by the name of Armbro Amoretto.
I wanted to put some of my experiences into a fun and educational story for the young and the young at heart, and this led me to write “The Little Shetland”. I hope you will bring it into your homes so your families can also enjoy the greatness of animals.

I love hearing from my readers. Please email me at David Smith
Or call me at 705-754-4861

David’s Titles

When their neighbour discovers a lost Shetland pony in the field with his cows, he brings it to the Wilson's farm. He knows that their daughter, 10-year-old Sally, will be the perfect person to care for him. While caring for the pony, Sally discovers a new friendship.
Book 1 introduces us to Sally, the little Shetland, and many of her other animal friends.

The Little Shetland is available exclusively
through Pine Lake Books store .

Under Sally's care, the little Shetland has gained weight and grown happy. He is now a part of her family.

In book 2, Sally helps the Farrier shoe the horses.

All her usual friends are there, except Alley the cat. Where could Alley be?

The Little Shetland, A Day with the Farrier is available exclusively
through Pine Lake Books store .

David is currently working on the third installment of Sally and the little Shetland's story.