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Ann Harris

ANN HARRIS grew up in England as an only child, and had many imaginary friends who became characters in the short stories that she wrote. From the age of eight one of her goals was to some day write books for children.
After finishing High School, Ann embarked on a career with horses which spanned three countries; England, Bermuda and Canada. Interaction with children and young adults during those years, including working with challenged young people in horse therapy programs, produced many ideas and subjects for stories.
After moving to Canada, Ann met and married her veterinarian husband. While raising their son Michael, they worked together in Dave’s horse practice.
On retirement in 2004, they moved to the beautiful Haliburton Highlands where Ann was at last able to devote more time to her writing.
“Lorah’s Promise” was Ann’s first book. Since then she has written “Lorah’s Place,” “Butterfly Love,” and now “An Unlikely Friendship.” She has also written a series of five story picture books about a kitten named Thomas, which were illustrated by Tammy Woodrow.

Ann's Coming Events

Ann has no events scheduled at the moment, but please feel free to check back regularly for any changes.

Books by Ann Harris

An Unlikely Friendship

Thomas's Christmas Adventure
Thomas and the Red Something
Thomas and the Flying Saucer
Thomas and the Runaway Pumpkin
Thomas Has a Buzzy Day
The Complete Adventures of Thomas the Kitten

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