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Pine Lake Books began in 2009 as a place for new authors to get their books in print. We now offer publishing services including editing, illustrations, ebook conversion, and ghost writing, etc., and one place to purchase books in print as well as eBook versions.

Authors and Illustrators

Pine Lake Books is proud to be the home of a diverse group of authors. Their specialties range from children's picture books to more mature content. We offer everything from humour to horror. Our Authors and Illustrators section above will bring you to individual authors and illustrators for more information.
Click on the cover of the book(s) to see a sneak preview where available.

If you have written a book and would like to take it to the next step you have come to the right place. We offer everything from editing to formatting, and can even have your book printed for you. All published books will be listed for sale at www.pinelakebooks.org as well as through our distribution partners. We distribute our printed books through Amazon, and our ebooks through both Amazon and Kobo, as well as our very own online store.

Are you an illustrator? Is art your passion or hobby? Would you like to see your artwork being used? We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to see their dreams come true. We offer illustration services for authors, or anyone who requires them. To do that, we require a relationship with different illustrators. If you would like to become an illustrator associated with Pine Lake Books please upload a sample of your illustrations for consideration. We also have a section in our store where illustrators can sell ready-made illustrations with a non-exclusive licence to reproduce. These illustrations are offered in different sizes to be used for different purposes, online, ebooks, printed books, etc.

Before uploading your illustrations you are required to agree to our for illustrators.


Terms and Conditions for Illustrators

By uploading your illustrations you guarantee that you are the copyright owner and illustrator of the pictures, and that you are not submitting someone else's work.

You agree that Pine Lake Books, nor any of its employees or affiliates, shall be held responsible for any infringement of copyright which occurs by your submitting the illustrations/artwork.

You agree to allow Pine Lake Books to negotiate or any Work-for-Hire projects which come as a result of your illustrations appearing on the Pine Lake Books website. Pine Lake Books shall pay illustrator 85% of net receipts for any illustrations sold through Pine Lake Books.

Pine Lake Books shall list your illustrations for sale with a non-exclusive licence to reproduce in any project whether it be persoal, business, or commercial. Illustrator shall receive 85% of the net receipts for any downloads purchased, to be paid yearly in the event that the threshold of $25.00 has not been met within that period.

Illustrator agrees to produce professional quality illustrations according to the purchasers specifications in the event of a Work-for-Hire project. Illustrator will inform Pine Lake Books immediately if they feel they are not qualified for or up to the task of a project. All Work-for-Hire projects become the sole property of the customer, and the customer shall hold the copyright to the illustrations created for a project. The illustrator shall not resell illustrations created under a Work-for-Hire agreement, nor will any such illustrations be uploaded for non-exclusive sale through Pine Lake Books. Illustrator is not entitle to any royalty earned in the use of their illustrations.

Pictures should be no less than 300 ppi, and should be no less than 1200 pixels on the shortest side. This allows some resizing without losing quality to the illustration.

If submitting more than one file please upload all files together in a zip (compressed) file.

By uploading your illustrations you are accepting the terms of this agreement. Please use your last name and initials as part of the file, e.g. cats_lhenderson.jpg or pics_phenry.zip. This is to ensure the files get into the proper directory.


I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions for Illustrators.
Select FILE to upload:

Information on how to submit your files is found in the terms and conditions. Your illustrations will be displayed and sold alongside those of our published illustrators.

Publishing Services

Your book is written and now you want to see it in print? With a variety of services to offer we can help you realize your dream. Please note that our base services do not include the cost of printing. See Printing.

Formatting, Black & White interior

It all begins with the formatting of your manuscript, whether you choose to go to print or ebook version. As part of our basic services we will format your manuscript for print, supply you with an ISBN number, barcode, and a print-ready file. We will also send the necessary paperwork and copies to Library and Archives Canada [you are responsible for the cost of copies], and help you register your copyright if you choose to do so. Please check the online store, services section, for individual pricing.

Formatting, Full Colour Picture Books

We also offer a basic formatting service for full colour interior books, e.g. kids illustrated books. Base Plan includes everything the Black & White plan includes, plus sizing and formatting of illustrations. Please check our services section at the online store for pricing.

eBook Conversion

Target more prospective readers by publishing in both print and ebook versions. Pine Lake Books will convert your printed manuscript into epub and/or mobi files.


We offer copy editing and line editing services, separately or as a part of a package.


Copy Editing

$180.00 for up to 10,000 words
$0.018 per word 10,000+

One run through

→ Grammar
→ Punctuation
→ Spelling

Editor may offer suggestions in the form of a comment in the file.


Line Editing

$240.00 for up to 10,000 words
$0.024 per word 10,000+

Two runs through the manuscript to check for

→ Grammar
→ Punctuation
→ Spelling
→ Structure
→ Plot Flow
→ Tone of voice

Editor may offer suggestions in the form of a comment in the file.


Editing Package

$360.00 for up to 10,000 words
$0.036 per word 10,000+

Three runs through the manuscript to check for

→ Grammar
→ Punctuation
→ Spelling
→ Structure
→ Plot Flow
→ Tone of voice

Editor will offer suggestions in the form of comments throughout the file which can be incorporated into the manuscript.

Your manuscript must be in Word .doc, .docx (word 2007) or .rtf file. For files larger than 10,000 words the customer will receive a separate invoice for the extra fees once file and initial payment has been received.

After each round of editing, use Microsoft Word to accept or reject individual track changes [track changes must be on for this to work] and choose whether to incorporate any of the editors suggestions into your final manuscript.

You will need Microsoft Word for this process to work.

If you do not have Microsoft Word please let us know. We can send a pdf file with instructions how to accept/reject changes in the file.

You can purchase editing services at the online store under Services. Purchase editing services as part of the publishing package for a reduced rate.

Sample Word Editing File


Every book needs a cover, and some of those covers consist of illustrations. Here at Pine Lake Books we offer the services of several illustrators and artists to create that perfect cover art for you. Or simply download one of our ready made illustrations to incorporate into your project.

The artwork offered by Pine Lake Books varies in style from realistic to more fantasy based. Below are a couple of sample illustrations. For more options please check out the "Illustrations" section of our online store. Every illustration is available in different sizes suitable for different projects.

Looking for something unique, created for your project only, then many of our artists are willing to take on the project. Check out the individual styles of our artists and once you have found your preferred style simply contact us for a quote and a sample. All custom created illustrations become the exclusive property of the author upon receipt of final payment.

Ready made illustrations are available for use with a non-exclusive licence to use that illustration. When you purchase an illustration from our online store you will receive a download with the artwork in jpg format along with a licence for the use of the artwork.

Include a complete description of what you are looking for. Is it a cover for a book, an illustration for a business card or poster, or the entire contents of a picture book? The more details we have the better we are able to fulfil your needs. Don't forget the name of the artist whose services you prefer.

Below are some samples from our illustrators. Find more samples at our online store under illustrations.

Choose your preferred illustrator
 Illustrations by Ina Illustrations by Bev Illustrations by Sharon

Illustrations by I.L. Jackson

I.L. Jackson has completed work on illustrations for The Girl and the Toad
Cat on Carpet
Silent Mask

Illustrations by Bev Newton

Bev has illustated several books for us including: the Walter Wind books by Joan Daulby, Peter Porcupine Learns a Lesson by Lynn Henderson, and a Boy in a Box by B.A. Belliveau, Why Pigs have Curly Tails, The Little Shetland story books by David S. Smith, and The Elephant That Wanted to Join the Circus both by J. Graham Ducker [no longer available through Pine Lake Books]. Bev also did the black and white illustrations for The Ghost in the Dungeon by Lynn Henderson.

The Little Shetland, story book 1
Walter Wind
Boy in a Box
Peter Porcupine Learns a Lesson

Bev Newton originals

Looking for something to hang on your wall. Bev might just have something for you. Here are a few samples of her work.

Ghost Writing

Everyone has a story they would like told, but not everyone has the ability to put that story down on paper.

If you are looking to write your own story, whether it is a short story or a full-length novel, there are authors at Pine Lake Books who would like to help make your dream a reality.

If it is a tale of terror you seek, Jackson is the one for you. There are all types of terror. The things you can see, or the things we can't see but they still go bump in the night. Jackson weaves a tale that draws the reader into the world on the pages. She makes the unbelievable, believable.

Not a horror fan! Not to worry. If it is within our grasp, we will find someone who can help you. Send us your requirements, age target, genre, and story idea, and we will do our best to connect you with the author who can write your story the way you want it written.

Whoever agrees to be your writer, you will be a part of the entire journey with Chapter by Chapter updates. If at any time you decide you do not like the style of writing or the direction the writer is taking, you can discontinue the relatonship with the author. You will be billed for all work completed, and said work will become your property.

Ghost writing can be found under “Services” at our online store. You will receive a file with a questionnaire to fill out and a copy of the ghost writing agreement. All work completed is yours and there will be “No refunds” for work completed even if you decide not to use it.


Fees for Ghostwriting

Chapter Outline and Chapter One $300.00

$0.25 per word for remainder of project

Client will be billed after every couple of chapters for work completed.

Client can discontinue working relationship at any point but there will be no refunds for work completed.

This is a Work-for-Hire agreement and once work is paid for, Client owns copyright and will be considered the author.

Secure your Ghost Writing services at our online store.

THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT ANY STORY WILL SELL. This is the chance any author takes.
For a sample of an author's style, check out their books in our bookstore, or check author pages for sample chapters.

Promotional Materials

Now that your book is written, edited, and in print or ebook version it is time to promote your work. There are several ways to promote your book. Although I still find word of mouth the best form of advertising it doesn't hurt to be a little more aggressive. Print posters and ask if you can hang them in local stores. Hand out bookmarks. Give your fans a place to find out more about you through your own webpage.

Pine Lake Books will design your bookmarks, posters, and even have them printed for you.

Web Design

Want you own website? We offer web development from a simple online store to booking appointments for your spa or cooking classes. We will help you obtain a domain name and hosting service.

Our Book an Author section is one sample of how the booking script is used, while our Online store is one sample of an e-commerce site. We will listen to what you want and build it for you.

Ask about custom web sites. 

Sell Online

For all books published through Pine Lake Books we will list them at the Online Store, and through all our available distribution outlets. eBooks will be sold through distributors according to the format they require. E.g. Amazon requires mobi formatting, and Kobo requires epub formatting. EPub is the most common ebook format. Author receives 85% of the net receipts for all sales of self-published books.

Have you already self-published a book and need help finding a place to sell it. We can help design and set up your own website with store to help you on your way. Sell both physical and digital products.

Book an Author

Readings / Inspirational Talks

Looking for someone to talk to your ladies group, inspire them, or simply have story hour at a library. Choose your date from the Calendar and then find the author available at that time. Not all authors are available at all times. Browse by service or professional. Organizer is responsible for securing the venue and promoting the event.


Thinking of something a little more ambitious? Some of our authors are more than happy to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon leading a writing workshop, encouraging writers young and old to embrace their inner scribe and put their tales on paper. Workshops can be booked for private or group sessions. Check the calendar for available authors and times. Organizer is responsible for securing the venue and promoting the event.

Writing Coach

Want to write your own story but need some guidance and encouragement? Book your time with a writing coach. Your personal coach will help get you started. Choose as many sessions as you feel are necessary to keep you focussed. These are not Ghostwriting services, you will be writing the story, but your coach will offer suggestions and encouragement along the way.

If you prefer your writing coach to travel to you, you are required to pay travelling expenses according to the rates below. To avoid travel fees, you may opt to travel to your coach for your sessions.



The fees for authors range between $100 and $500 per booking plus travel and lodging, depending upon the venue and service. Once you have booked an author you will receive instructions with details where to send the tickets and itinerary.
For readings and workshops within 100 kilometers of the author's home base, travel fees are included in the original fee.
For readings and workshops between 100 and 499 kilometers of author's home base, excluding the need for air travel, travel fees are $0.65 per kilometer, both ways.
For readings and workshops 500+ kilometers from author's home base, travel arrangements (both ways) and accommodations for the duration of the author's stay [at least one night for each appearance], are the responsibility of the organizer.

Please check our online calendar for the availability of authors. Or, email   Author Appearance and let us know who you are interested in. We will try to arrange an appearance for you.